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higher level of education and credentials

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The Board Accredited Investigator’s program (BAI) program was started b Harvey Morse and a small group of investigators as part of the Florida Association of Private Investigators (FAPI) in 2008, to encourage voluntary education and training beyond licensure. As the number of members grew, it became increasingly clear that the effort needed to be handled by an international association as FAPI is primarily a statewide organization, although it has many international members. Initially, FAPI approached the Council of Association Leaders comprised of officers of various organizations, but again, the international element was missing. After much thought, in May of 2015, FAPI approached the Board of Directors of Intellenet at their Las Vegas convention, and together, all agreed to have Intellenet host and oversee the BAI program.

That was a major accomplishment towards the advancement of the BAI program. Intellenet and its many members worldwide, will now have input and expertise in overseeing the BAI testing standards and operational endeavors, general administrative matters, membership criteria and educational resources. They will assist the BAI Board with benefits, coordinating voluntary education and professional requirements, expansion with other Associations worldwide, the creation of a newsletter, managing the BAI list-serve, and so forth. This affiliation has opened many doors for BAI’S both in promoting the profession and continuing their accreditation.

Presently, Jerry DeFatta serves as the Program Director, together with the BAI Committee.

The BAI program is an ongoing evolution with new developments occurring regularly. All members are encouraged to participate and assume an active role within the organization. BAI is an incorporated not-for-profit corporation.

Email: baiprogramdirector@gmail.com
Phone: 386-232-8649

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