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The Board of Accredited Investigators, Inc., a not for profit corporation, (hereinafter also referred to as “BAIB” and / or the “BOARD”), was formed for the purpose of creating the highest standard of ethics, professionalism and

 voluntary continuing education for functioning as a private investigator. To achieve these goals this Board will create and establish a voluntary program with standards, which when successfully completed and adhered to, will earn an investigator the designation of “BAI” and permit the individual to use the title of “Board Accredited InvestigatorTM," (hereinafter also referred to as “BAI” TM). In order to earn this designation an applicant will be required to demonstrate a sound knowledge of the overall laws and rules which govern the performance of the duties and responsibilities of a professional investigator, keep current with changes and adjustments in the profession through a voluntary Continuing Education program consisting of lectures, seminars, online courses, and other appropriate training courses, and maintain a personal and business standard that reflects creditably on the profession.


1. The BAIB shall be the recognized body to set the standard for, maintain an overview of, and monitor the compliance of those individuals designated as BAI.

2. The Board shall consist of a minimum of three (3) members and shall have no more than seven (7) members as set forth herein.

3. All Board members shall have achieved and must maintain, in good standing, the designation of BAI. Membership on the Board shall be on-going until such time as the resignation of a Board member, failure of a Board member to remain qualified for the position, disciplinary action resulting in removal from the Board, or any other circumstances which may result in the creation of a vacancy on the Board.

4. Notices of vacancies on the Board shall be communicated by the Secretary, to all BAI designees, so that those who desire a position on the Board may submit an application to be considered for the filling of any such vacancy.

5. The Board shall create an “Application for BAIB Membership” and this form shall be forwarded to every BAI who may request same, if interested in serving on the Board.

6. Vacancies on the Board shall be filled from amongst those who submit applications, by majority vote of the remaining members of the Board.

7. The BAIB shall maintain an affiliation with Intellenet, an established reputable investigative association with international membership to provide oversight of the program in conjunction with the BAIB, and the Executive Director or designee thereof shall serve as an ex-officio member of the BAIB, and shall not be counted in the number of BAIB members allowed.

8. The BAIB shall present an annual report regarding membership, finances, programs and status to the Executive Director of Intellenet or to the Intellenet Board of Directors.


1. The officers of BAIB shall be:

A) Chairperson

B) Vice–Chairperson

C) Secretary

D) Treasurer

2. The officers and Board members shall volunteer their time and shall not receive compensation for their service. With the approval of the Board, direct out of pocket expenses or mileage incurred on behalf of BAIB, may be reimbursed.

3. The officers of BAIB shall be elected from amongst the members of the Board, at the first meeting of each fiscal year, or when a vacancy shall occur, and shall serve until the next fiscal year’s end. There shall be no restrictions on the number of terms an individual may serve in any office.

4. The four (4) officers named above plus the immediate Past Chairperson shall constitute the Executive Committee of the BAIB which shall act in an advisory capacity to the entire Board. The Executive Committee may make commitments and take final action only on those matters specifically assigned to it by the full Board or granted to it by these By-Laws. The Executive Committee shall meet at a time, place or manner, at the call of the Chairperson, or at a time, place or manner designated by the Chairperson upon the Chairperson’s receipt of a written request for a meeting from at least two (2) members of the Executive Committee.

5. Meetings:

A) The BAIB shall meet not less than four (4) times per fiscal year. The initial, or first, meeting of the fiscal year shall be recognized as one of the required meetings.

B) Meetings of the BAIB shall be held at a time, place or manner, at the call of the Chairperson or at a time, place or manner designated by the Chairperson, upon receipt of a written request for a meeting from three (3) members of the Board.

C) All meetings of the BAIB shall be open to all BAI’s in good standing, and invited guests whose attendance has been approved by the Chairperson except when otherwise provided by Roberts Rules of Order. Non-Board members’ participation in the discussion at the meetings shall be at the discretion of the Chairperson. All persons qualified to attend BAIB meetings, who wish notification of such meetings, shall request that the Secretary include them on a “notice of meeting to be held” list. These meeting notices shall be only distributed via email.

D) Quorum:

i. Attendance of a majority of the BAIB members in good standing and qualified to vote shall constitute a quorum for an BAIB meeting.

ii. Attendance of three (3) qualified Executive Committee members shall constitute a quorum for an Executive Committee meeting.

E) Meetings of the Board, the Executive Committee, or any other committee may be conducted in-person, by telephone conference, video conference, any combination thereof, or by any other electronic means, providing all those who are eligible to participate, have an opportunity to take part. All voting, at meetings conducted other than "in-person", shall be by roll call or in the case of email, printed and saved, and, the results of votes shall be recorded by the Secretary. This section shall not apply to the Annual Meeting, which shall only be conducted in-person.

F) All meetings of the BAIB shall be conducted and governed in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order when not in conflict with these By-Laws. There shall be no voting at any meeting, by proxy or representation.

G) Board members who are absent from three (3) consecutive BAIB meetings, without having requested and having received a prior notice of excused absence from the Chairperson, shall automatically be removed from membership on the Board of Accredited Investigators. Such BAIB vacancies and /or officer and Executive Committee vacancies shall be filled in accordance with Article II Sections 4 and 6 and Article III Section 2.


1. The Board is granted authority, at its discretion, to appoint a Program Administrator. This position may, at the discretion of the Board, be either compensatory or non-compensatory, and the term of this position shall be at the pleasure of the Board. The duties, responsibilities and compensation, if any, shall be detailed and mutually agreed upon as evidenced by a written agreement signed by the appointee and the Board chairperson.

2. In the event that a Program Administrator is appointed by the Board, that individual shall have duties that include, and shall be required to:

A) Oversee the creation, coordination and implementation of the testing procedures and continuing education program of the BAIB.

B) Coordinate and share with the Treasurer the responsibilities for a system of receiving and documenting applications and fees for, designation and renewal of BAI designation. The Treasurer shall be responsible for recording, depositing and reporting all such fees.

C) Maintain submitted applications for new and renewal “Certified” designation and shall, after final disposition has been made and recorded, deliver them to the Secretary for permanent storage.

3. The Program Administrator shall be responsible directly to the BAIB Chairperson, and through the Chairperson, to the Board.

4. The Program Administrator is eligible to attend all Board and Executive Committee meetings except when otherwise provided by Roberts Rules of Order. The Program Administrator is not eligible to vote at these meeting unless qualified to do so other than through the holding of this appointed position.

5. In the event of any conflicts regarding the duties, obligations, responsibilities or functioning of a Program Administrator, the Board shall have the authority to alter the job description and duties, and should they deem it necessary, to dismiss the Program Administrator by majority vote.


1. All officers are authorized to sign checks, however any check in excess of five-hundred dollars ($500.00), shall require two (2) officer’s signatures.

2. The Chairperson, who is designated as the Chief Executive Officer of BAIB shall:

A) Preside at all regular and special meetings of the Board and the Executive Committee.

B) Appoint Committee Chairs, not otherwise provided for, and Committee Members as needed for the fiscal year.

C) At the first meeting of each fiscal year the Chairperson of the Board shall appoint a By-Laws Committee. The committee shall consist of three (3) Board members, one of whom shall be designated as Chair of the committee, and any other person(s), in a non-voting capacity, who through experience and expertise can make valuable contributions to the work of this committee.

D) Have the authority to approve expenditures up to an amount annually determined by the Board, for any one project or event within the fiscal year.

3. The Vice-Chairperson, who is designated as the Second Executive Officer of BAIB shall:

A) Assume the duties of the Chairperson in the absence or inability to perform, of the Chairperson.

B) Assist the Chairperson as directed.

4. The Secretary, who is designated as the Third Executive Officer of BAIB shall:

A) Record the minutes at regular and special Board and Executive Committee meetings.

B) Compile and maintain a permanent record of all minutes.

C) Maintain, for safe keeping, all records of the BAIB except those records specifically made the responsibility of others.

D) Compile and maintain a “Motions Book” as culled from the minutes of the various Board meetings.

i. The Motions Book is a permanent record of the final wording of all motions, including amendments, passed by the Board.

E) Distribute meeting notices and other documents and notifications as required by these By-Laws

F) Maintain a permanent record, including final resolution, of all new and renewal BAI applications.

5. The Treasurer, who is designated as the fourth Executive Officer of BAIB shall:

A) Receive, record and deposit all monies received by BAIB.

B) Prepare, report and keep a permanent record of income, expenses and the financial status of BAIB. These reports shall be presented at each regular meeting of the Board and at such other times as requested by the Chairperson.

C) Join with the Program Administrator, if one has been appointed, in implementing the requirements of Article IV, Section 2, sub- paragraphs B) and C).

D) Be responsible, if no Program Administrator has been appointed, for the implementation of the requirements of Article IV, Section 2, sub- paragraphs, B) and C).


1. Applicants for BAI designation shall:

A) Submit, to the Board, a completed BAI application form, as created and distributed by the BAIB.

B) Submit, with the application form, all fees and documentation which the BAIB has determined to be required.

C) Submit documentation:

i. Confirming a minimum of ten (10) years of investigative experience.

ii. Documentation confirming not less than ten (10) years of similar duties as a full time investigative employee of an attorney, insurance company or law enforcement agency.

iii. Documentation confirming not less than ten (10) continuous years of similar duties as approved by the BAIB Board.

D) Sit for, and pass with a minimum correct score of seventy percent (70%), a written exam prepared and given by the BAIB, or its lawful designee as determined by the Board and meet any other requirements set by the BAIB including the submission of a white paper and oral interview.

E) All persons who were designated BAI prior to the adoption of these By- Laws shall remain recognized as such, and shall be required to renew and maintain their designation by meeting the renewal and maintenance requirements contained in these By-Laws.

F) All decisions of the Board of Accredited Investigators, Inc., regarding the acceptance or rejection of applications, renewals or attainment of the BAI designation, are final.

G) The names of all applicants shall be submitted for approval to the Board by a majority vote, prior to the administration of any examination.

2. Renewal / Maintenance of BAI Designation.

A) The BAIB shall promulgate a program of Continuing Education Units and prescribe a required number of units and the time frame in which they must be successfully completed. It is the responsibility of the candidate to acquire and / or prepare proof of successful completion of the required CEUs. This may be accomplished by submission of certificates of completion or by other documentation which the Board deems satisfactory.

B) The BAIB shall establish a fee schedule required for renewal and maintenance of the BAI designation.

C) An BAI designee wishing to renew and maintain the designation shall submit to the Board, in a time frame designated by the Board:

i. Proof of completion of the required number of CEUs.

ii. The required renewal and maintenance fee.

iii. Proof of continuing activity as an investigator.

D) Upon timely receipt of A), B) and C) above, and payment of the renewal fee, the Board shall notify the Applicant that the BAI designation has been renewed, for the time period so established.


The BAIB fiscal year is established as the first day of January to the last day of December, of each calendar year.


1. One (1) official BAI lapel pin or other ornament will be issued, without charge, to each newly designated BAI. Additional pins or ornaments may be requested and obtained from BAIB at a charge established by the Board. The BAIB official lapel pin or ornament may be worn only by qualified BAI designees.

2. The BAI designation logo may be obtained from BAIB, in accordance with terms established by the Board. It may be used only by qualified BAI designees on letterheads, business card and advertising.

3. The BAI lapel pin, ornament, or logo shall not be used for the purpose of identifying, promoting or advertising any school or training program. Neither shall it be used to promote, publicize or advertise any publication for sale.

4. The BAI lapel pin, ornament, or logo may not be worn, displayed or used while a designee’s designation is in suspension, nor after the designation has been revoked.


1. The BAIB shall handle all Disciplinary matters as it may deem appropriate by a majority vote of the Board at any regular meeting, or Special Board meeting called for that purpose.

2. BAI designees agree to abide by the Intellenet Code of Ethics.


1. The BAIB may, from time to time, bestow and present awards, certificates and commendations to qualified individuals based upon criteria which it shall determine.


1. These By-Laws may be amended, by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board, at any regular or special meeting of the Board providing:

A) The amendment(s) has been submitted in writing by the By-Laws Committee to the Chairperson and Secretary of the Board.

B) All members of the Board have received a copy, of the proposed change(s) not less than ten (10) days prior to the date of the meeting at which the amendment(s) will be voted upon, unless in an emergency.

2. Changes to the Committee’s report, requested by the Board, shall be referred back to the By-Laws Committee for review, evaluation, modification or rejection and thereafter, if not rejected, resubmitted by the committee to the Board under the guidelines of (A) and (B) above. In the event that the Board requested by-laws changes are rejected by the By-Laws Committee, a detailed explanation of the reasons for the rejection shall be furnished to the Board by the committee.

3. By-Laws changes shall take effect immediately upon adoption by a majority vote of the Board present.


In the event of the dissolution of this board, after the payment of all just debts, expenses and obligations, monies remaining shall be distributed to a similar 501 (C) 6 professional organization, group, association or charity, determined by majority vote of the Board. No Board member shall receive any part of any financial distribution at disillusion, except for the pre-approved reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses as set forth herein.

These bylaws shall become effective immediately upon approval, made available to any BAI designate or Board member, and the original shall be maintained by the Secretary of the BAIB.

Date approved: July 9, 2015

Email: baiprogramdirector@gmail.com
Phone: 386-232-8649

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