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a higher level of education and credentials

a higher level of education and credentials


The Board Accredited Investigator designation is simply the total commitment to professionalism that an Investigator/security professional can make in their career.

Maintaining a BAI certification, requires the designee to be involved in a serious commitment to voluntary ongoing continuing education for themselves and other practicing investigative professionals with whom they interact. Additionally, the BAI Board is hopeful that BAI’s will become involved in leadership roles of local, state, international, and specialty professional investigative associations throughout the world, and sharing their passion for advancement through knowledge.

The most dedicated and experienced professional investigators on a worldwide basis will be involved in this program. BAI’s will set the standard for an investigator’s professional’s excellence which will be recognized and sought by clients and the legal community. The BAI credential provides objective proof of professional knowledge and experience combined with the highest level of ethics.

BAI presentation at FAPI 2020 Annual Litigation and Investigator’s Conference

The photo below depicts a photo with the attending BAI members. Only BAI members were permitted to be part of a one on one Q&A with our keynote speaker Retired NYPD/ FBI Terrorist Task Force expert Richard Pena. On February 7, 2020 at the end of the conference a rich dialogue between our BAI community and Agent Pena provided a great exchange of information. Some of the BAI’s that were present included retired FBI agents for JBRTF and NYPD Detectives that worked in the FBI Terrorist task Force. John Gaspar Program Director, our founder Harvey Morse , former Program Director Regional Montgomery , Ari Morse and the BAI Board always tries to provide unique educational experiences and great networking opportunity to its membership.


INTELLENET is the first international professional investigative association to offer a unique credential specifically designed for professional investigators including Investigative agency management, developed by practitioners for practitioners.

BAI Certification provides a technical and financial edge.


  • Demonstrable proof of experience and professional competence.
  • Expanded professional network and opportunities to showcase your expertise at professional and global events.
  • Increased fee potential - certified practitioners fees are up to 30% more than non-certified professionals.
  • Independent validation of an individual’s knowledge, skills, and experience.
  • Backing of the world’s most respected association of investigative professionals.
  • Continuing education requirements for certification offer assurance that practitioners will remain current with best practices.
  • Certification indicates mastery/competency as measured against a defensible set of standards, usually by application or examination.


John Gaspar new director of the BAI program. John is a retired NYPD Major Case Squad Detective, Retired Florida Sheriff Detective Supervisor, Former President of the Society of Professional Investigators ( SPI), Member of the BAI Board of Directors and Listserve coordinator for FAPI

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